Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to Normal

So I am feeling back to normal today and functioning well after all that sleep. I think I got my mojo back…lol

Even after the 17hrs sleeping, I still went to bed again last night at 9:30pm and slept until my alarm at 4:15am.

I completed a small workout this morning; 3 sets of 30sec fast feet, 30sec scissors, 30sec squat pulse, 30sec side lunges and 30sec high knees.

I finally started to feel better yesterday afternoon, thankfully it wasn’t the flu, and so I pushed myself to complete a couple of high intensity workouts at home.

Workouts were as follows:
#1 Stop watch set for 10 minutes. Challenge is to see how many burpees can be completed in this time frame, I got 90 in total.
Abs: 20 reverse crunches, 20 swiss ball to bench, 20 hanging leg raises and 20/side oblique weighted crunch x 3 sets

#2 Completed with my hubby when he got home.
3 sets: 10 Chest press off swiss ball, (chin up), Bent over rows (10 regular and 10 reverse grip), (chin up), 20 front raise, (chin up), 1 minute static wall sit, (chin up), 1 minute plank (chin up)
4 sets: 25 high knees and 25 jumping jacks

Today is Halloween and there are goodies all around but it hasn’t bothered me so far. I feel really good today and I can’t wait to get to the gym. My only concern is that I won’t get home early enough to give out treats to the kiddies. I love that part of Halloween.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s also the last day of my shift for 5 days so the goal this weekend is to complete some great workouts and pay up for the day of rest, catch up on cooking and cleaning, shop for work out gear for photo shoots and get my hair cut and highlighted.

Next shift, I am only working November 6 to November 9 and then I am off for the remainder of that shift to relax, prep and primp for the show. There is a lot going on that week actually and I want to enjoy it without having to worry about 4:30am mornings and work. I also want to document everything with pictures for a memory book of my first ever fitness show.

Currently I am16 days out, I practiced my T-walks yesterday and my quarter turns again. I think I have those figured out now. We have another posing class on Monday so I’ll get opinions then on what I have come up with. I am concerned that my suit is still not here, which means I haven’t tried it on and I don’t even know if it fits. That makes me nervous!

Other than the missing suit right now everything else seems to be on track, I will be working back and doing cardio tonight, and tomorrow I see Andrew. I haven’t really noticed much change in my body in the last few days but Andrew hasn’t seen me in a week, so he may see some differences. Fingers crossed!

I honestly can’t believe the competition is only 16 days away; the time went by so fast when I look back on it. There have been numerous struggles and obstacles along the way and I can say without a doubt that this is by far the most grueling thing I have ever done in my life. I have gone through some pretty tough emotional things but nothing that takes a toll on so many areas of your life at once; it can be very physically, emotionally and mentally draining.

Right now with it being so close, I am mostly concentrating on ensuring everything is ready and lists are completed, trying to get over the fear as well as practicing and practicing again T-walks and posing. The workouts and diet are really second nature to me now so it has become a normal part of everyday life.

I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying a week of prepping, primping and photo shoots. I just want to get over the nervousness and fear so that I can really enjoy the experience!

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