Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 weeks out

4 weeks from today and I'll be stepping on stage for my first ever fitness competition.

I still can't believe I am doing this and that I have created the body (well its pretty close; it's getting there, shall we say) required to do such a thing!

I can't even begin to describe the will power, dedication or hard work this takes and there is still a lot more work for me to do yet. I have the next 4 weeks to bust my butt to achieve my best body ever, well I have MY best ever body right now, but to make it 100 % stage ready.

I slept until 8am this morning, got up and cooked 2 loaves of healthy version banana bread for my hubby. A testament to my will power, either that, or I love torturing myself or I really love my hubby.

Next steps for today are a 15 minute interval workout and a tanning session before I go out for some shopping. I want to finish up some Christmas and birthday shopping as well as try on some clothes for me (dress pants and a Christmas party dress mostly).

Interval workout was as follows:
1 min Fast feet to push up after each minute x 5
1 min wall sit
1 min fast feet to push up after each minute x 5
1 min plank

After shopping I'll be off to the gym for a plyometric work out concentrating on legs and then some cardio.

Feeling optimistic and excited about the competition, the diet is beginning to make me nauseous but such is life right now. It will change again in another week, so I am holding strong and steady. Focus is key!

I am getting some well deserved and needed rest as well this weekend and catching up on some things that were being neglected around the house. Looking in the mirror and feeling my abs, they are so close to being out, I just hope they decide to show themselves soon.

One day at a time.

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