Friday, October 5, 2012

Runners High

Has anyone out there ever had, what I like to call, runner's high?

You know that feeling you get either during or after your run, when you feel like a million bucks. When you are in your zone, going strong and having the time of your life.

Where you are not even thinking about the run, about the work, about your lungs or your legs but you are just feeling it. Your mind turns of and you are just feeling strong and in charge.

I have these kind of runs quite often, maybe because I do love the feel of a great run in general or maybe because I have figured out the best breathing patterns for myself and I just get into it and go.

There is also no comparison to the thrill and feeling that comes after a great run, of adding an extra mile and accomplishing it, of completing your first 5 or 10km, or of completing your first half or full marathon.

Really, is there any better feeling than accomplishing anything, no matter what it is, that you set your mind to?

I don't believe there is, life is all about setting goals to achieve and strive for and then going after those goals until you get there and pick something else to set your sites on?

So what are your goals, fitness or otherwise and are you working your way through the thrill of achieving them?

Until next time.

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