Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

No work means sleeping in, so grateful for that. I slept until 9 am. Which if you count the three hours from yesterday I have gotten 13 hours of sleep since yesterday afternoon. Well deserved and needed though.

I don't really feel, what i would call, refreshed but I do feel a lot less tired. I have a headache and my body hurts but that's more from having my period than anything else at this point. 

The intent for today is to do a little more cooking. My husband wants more protein muffins, which is tough for me because I can't even lick the spoon, but he shouldn't starve because I can't eat those things. Or should he? I will also be making more ground chicken breast burgers and a couple of big salads for the week.

Laundry is going, meals are ready for the day, first cardio will be outside in the crisp air and then some shopping before hitting the gym for the second cardio, intervals and weights.

My husband purchased his tickets for the show today....exciting but makes it more real and therefore makes Melissa a lot more nervous!

I can notice some changes again in my body in terms of leaning out and it seems as though in the last few days I have leaned out more again. Stoked! I am hoping that my body adjusts soon to the amount of food I am taking in because right now it seems to be hungry all the time. Being hungry and thinking about food leads to cravings which are not fun.

What a beautiful day! First cardio session was refreshing, nothing like a brisk speed walk on a crisp fall day to lift your spirits. Second work out session was great too. Worked legs....ouch.....killer! Plus the stepper for 45 mins (210 flights of stairs) and a mixture of abs (3 different exercises, 3 times) and skipping (500 skips)

Here is my leg routine:
Barbell squats starting with 135lbs and going up 10 lbs each time for a total of 4 sets, 10 each set
Hack squats (90lbs) super set with low walking lunges 4 sets of 10 squats and 24 lunges
Straight leg dead lift (80lbs) super set with hamstring curl (105lbs) 3 sets of 10 each
Leg extension (105lbs) 4 sets of 10

Had loads of energy today for workouts and I got everything accomplished that I wanted to. Food is prepared for the week, laundry is done and workouts are all done early enough to relax a bit tonight before bed time.

Totally love it when things go as planned on my day off!

Back at it tomorrow with cardio at 4:15am as well as evening cardio after work and an appointment with Andrew.

Here's to feeling great again tomorrow!

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