Friday, October 26, 2012

Personal Bests

I’m in a better mood today for a bunch of reasons I guess.

I got a randomly dialed call from my niece this morning babbling on in her own language and it made my day.

It's my grandmothers 92nd birthday.

My appointment and workout with Andrew last night were phenomenal. I beat some personal bests, he was impressed with how lean I look, told me not to be concerned with the scale and we set up a photo shoot with him at the gym for Wednesday, November 14th.

I also got the information yesterday for the photo shoot that I won as part of the competition and that one is set up for November 16th at 11am. I even get makeup and wardrobe like a real model….lol; now I have to research my favorite poses and come up with some sexy work out gear to wear.

Help! Any ideas that you have for poses and sexy work out gear are welcome. So feel free to post any ideas here.

Today, I am taking a day off from work outs, under Andrew’s advice and, because I really won’t have the time anyway. I am in a course all weekend that starts tonight from 7-10pm and since I am working all day; I really couldn’t have fit it in.

I won’t get a day off this shift but at least the course only runs from 8:30-4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday so I will be able to sleep in a little bit.

So back to personal bests; last night I managed to complete a set of 12 hip thrusts with 135lbs first and then get this; another set of 12 with 155lbs. Woot, woot! I also completed high bench step ups with 30lb dumb bells in each hand. My butt is sore today and so are my shoulders from the previous night’s work out but I feel really good.

Tomorrow marks the 3 weeks out point, 21 days until the big day. I think I’ll be ready physically; however emotionally and mentally it’s going to take a little more work. I need to find that confidence, that poise, that “I’m sexy and I know it” attitude…lol

I am scared, nervous, super excited, and anxious but I have worked so damn hard to get here that I want to do my absolute best and feel good about it when I am done. I want to enjoy the day and the days leading up to the show. There are so many exciting things going on that week; photo shoots, spa day, tanning, pampering, athlete meet and no work to make it even better.

21 days to go and still giving it my all.

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