Thursday, October 25, 2012


I am discouraged by the scale yet encouraged by the way my body looks and feels. I went to bed last night feeling so lean and thought for sure that the scale would have moved but alas it has once again NOT budged. I am sitting at 125lbs, all be it, a very lean 125lbs.

Am I disappointed? Most definitely but am I giving up? Not a chance.

I text Andrew right away with the results and since I see him tonight, we’ll judge from there what the next steps will be. Obviously if I look much leaner, have more veins and am tighter, from his point of view, than that’s a good thing. I’ll know more at 6pm.

So yes I am a little discouraged today and I am tired. Getting back into the routine of 4:15am is not agreeing with me and I haven’t made it to bed before 10:30pm yet this week. I’m sleepy and at this rate, I’ll be worn out less than half way through the shift. I even hit snooze on my alarm this morning without knowing that I did and when it went off again 9 minutes later, I was like what, why is my alarm going off at such a weird time?

I didn’t do cardio this morning, I just couldn’t. My body is still a bit sore and I am just too tired. I’ll have to make sure I really rock it again tonight though. Andrew and I are doing a leg work out so it’ll be a good one for sure.

Last night, I did shoulders, one of my favorites and I have some great definition there now, even more so in the last few weeks. Then I completed 25 minute intervals on the treadmill and 20 minutes of intervals on the stepper.

Diet wise I have started not eating my first morning meal until about 8 or 8:30am just because I was noticing that I was hungrier later in the day, when all my meals were used up already. Previously, I was eating my first meal at 5-5:30am before leaving for work but I am finding this way better so far, in terms of being less hungry later.

The last couple of days I have been feeling slightly lightheaded and dizzy at times not sure if it’s the diet or if it’s from lack of rest. 6 hours of sleep per night is not really cutting it. I have to find my groove again and get back into the swing of things; I am finding that there is so much going on that I am always on the spin cycle…lol

I got the name of a lady who is doing the hair for the show so I’ll be talking to her sometime today, with my hair being so short though, I am not sure that I need someone to do it. We’ll see after I talk to her.

I get discouraged like this every week after I step on the scale because I get caught up in that number and I know it’s wise to just throw the scale out the window…lol. I have one pair of size 0 jeans that fits me properly, all my size 2 jeans and pants are too big so that’s another clue that I am leaner. So I really do need to learn to concentrate on that!

Things do feel like they are coming together and I am super excited to show off all my hard work. I think it is going to be an amazing experience overall. It just gets frustrating when you expect certain things to happen and they aren’t happening; especially with all the hard work I am putting into this.

I’m sure that I will feel better tonight after my appointment with Andrew when he looks at me and tells me how lean and great I look. Fingers crossed!

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