Friday, October 12, 2012

New Day, New Attitude

It’s a new day and I have decided to be positive. What’s the use in feeling sorry for myself and getting bummed out?

I had a great workout last night which I forgot to mention in my rant about my new diet. I worked back, completed 20 minutes of intervals on the bike and then an additional 25 minutes on the treadmill. I then did abs and after each of the 4 ab exercises, I completed 100 skips.

So today I made a minor adjustment to my morning routine.
*Alarm set for 4:15am
*Up and sweating it out for 20-30 minutes (high intensity)
*Shower and get ready for work
*Enough time to eat and make a tea to go
(I had my first meal (no shake this morning) 2 whole eggs, 1 tbsp almond butter and a homemade ground chicken breast patty)
*Leave for work by 5:30am

It worked well this morning so we’ll see how it goes as I move forward.

This morning my workout consisted of 5 exercises back to back x 3 sets for 30 sec on and 10 sec off.
-          dive bombers
-          dancing crab
-          2 push up to 5 mountain climber
-          surfer jumps
-          pulse squats
Additional push up to chin up x 10 sets

In case you are wondering how I am doing chin ups at home, I have a chin up bar that attaches to a door way. (It works well and can be purchased at Wal-Mart)

It was a fairly short workout overall (I think only 15 minutes total) but my heart rate was up and I was sweating by the end of it and that’s the goal.

The work day seemed to drag by and at 1pm it felt like it should be time to leave.

As always I am looking forward to my workout and I am busting it out with Andrew tonight, I think we are doing arms plus of course my intervals and cardio.

I purchased creatine at Popeyes this evening so tomorrow I will be adding that to the mix as well.

The diet plan didn't turn out so bad for the first day. I am thankful for almond butter as I can't do coconut oil straight out of the jar (its like wax). I need to stop by the grocery store today for some things to follow Andrews plan exactly (green beans, red peppers, more almond butter, more eggs, etc). So far I am not missing my shake that much.

Today I ate:
5:30am: 2 whole eggs boiled/ chicken breast patty, tbsp almond butter and green tea
8:30am: scrambled egg whites and veggies with green garden salad
Noon: 3.5oz chicken breast/ remainder of green salad and tbsp almond butter
3:30pm: 1 cup red pepper/ chicken breast patty
8:30pm: 2 whole eggs/ 1 tbsp almond butter

So overall, considering how bummed I was last night thinking about this, it seems to be ok.

I left work this evening feeling tired, drained and like I was getting sick. However, other than being exhausted, I feel ok now and I pushed through my workout at the gym. It was a tough one and not the smartest idea to decide to do cardio ahead of but I got through it. Andrew pushed me hard tonight and we completed a pyramid work out, including chest press, bent over row and jump lunges before moving onto 2 timed circuits each 5 minutes long for 2 sets of each. Needless to say right now, I am exhausted and ready for sleep.

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