Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Working out and your boobs

What does working out do for your girls? Lol

I'll tell you what it does because I am living proof that it shrinks them. Since I started this process I have lost one cup size....ouch!, Especially since I didn't have much to begin with. However what can be expected, your boobs are made up of mostly fat. So obviously they will start to disappear when the weight starts to come off.

I have read that some people believe that working chest can increase boob size, however this is a myth. I think working chest can perk those girls up and it will increase the muscle in your pec area but it won't give you bigger boobs.

This was one of my concerns when I began working out. I didn't want to lose all my boobs and wind up completely flat chested and looking manly. Luckily, I have only lost one cup size and although there is certainly a difference, it's not that dramatic.

When Andrew took my measurements last, I said to him, I have no boobs left and he laughed. He told me that a lot of women who become fit and do shows get implants. Now I am not going that far with it, but i am going to put this out there, what do you think?

Is it something you would consider, something you think you would do to maintain femininity, or do you think it's silly and foolish?

Interested to see your responses.
Until next time.

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