Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 19, 2012

What's on today's agenda?

Sleep in. Check, didn't get out of bed until 9am, feels great!
Groceries. Check
Cooking. Check
Outdoor cardio. Check
Arms and ab training. Check

I feel good so far, have my moments of tiredness but overall the day is going well. I didn't have my first meal until 1pm because I was all out of the limited selection of food that I can eat. So off I went to the grocery store as soon as I got out of bed.

My butt and quads are quite sore today after yesterday's work out with Andrew, so my run/ walk was entertaining, good thing that today is arm day.

Here is what I did for arms and abs:
Bicep curl (dumb bells) superset with tricep dips (feet elevated on Swiss ball)
Zottman curl superset with overhead tricep extension (dumb bells)
Hammer curl superset with lying tricep extension (dumb bells)
21s superset with tricep kick back (dumb bells)

#1 side to side oblique, legs up toe touch, stretched out and tensed plank (20 sec/10 sec x 3 sets)
#2 reverse crunch, bicycle, leg raises (20 sec/10 sec x 3 sets)

I completed this work out at home as I have some of my own equipment and I wasn't in the mood to drive downtown.

Other news: The lady called about my makeup for the show and I am all set with my appointment at 8:45am that morning. Super excited! Things seems to be coming together. She'll be there throughout the day for touch ups and also again before the evening event.

So it seems I have appointments for all the necessities, at least those that I know of at this point. Spray tan is booked, makeup is now booked, waxing is booked, hair cut is booked, manicure/ pedicure is booked with my lady friends and posing classes are booked. Time off work is set up so I think I am all set, I hope there isn't anything that I am missing.

Suit should be completed this week and sent in the mail, I have my shoes and my theme wear, however I do still need jewellry.

28 more days until I step onstage; 28 more days to work my butt off for ab and leg definition.

To be honest as nervous as I am about the stage, I am also very excited to actually be doing this, to see the progression in my body and know that I can make it. That I have made this body through hard work, will power and dedication; It's a dream I have had for so long and it's finally becoming reality!

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