Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another week ahead

October 9, 2012

It’s the start of another week, well I know not technically, but the start of mine as I go back to work tomorrow (sigh!). I took an extra day off this shift in order to have the same days off as my husband.

It was a great weekend in terms of workouts and I did get to add a little variety to my diet with some turkey breast. (Any little change helps at this point; so the turkey breast was delightful.

Thanksgiving always sets the tone to reflect and be thankful for our lives and the people in them. I am so thankful for my husband; the love of my life, family, friends, my health, my willpower, my job (as much as I complain about it most times), my supporters and all the little messages of encouragement I get…there is so much to be thankful for.

I did experience moments throughout the weekend when my whole body hurt and today is no different but it feels like typical PMS symptoms to me and I am due to start my period anyway now.  My emotions are also all over the place and there have been moments when I have just broke down and cried for no apparent reason (also sigh!).

We stopped in Edmonton on the drive back today to purchase my shoes, which are actually pretty comfortable, all things considering. I need to get more practice walking around in them and that'll be the real judge on comfort. I also bought my black boots for the cat women theme, hope when the outfit arrives, it actually fits. All I am missing now is the whip.

Here are my shoes:

We stopped at Denny’s for something to eat after shopping and I was pleasantly surprised to find a menu item called “The Fit Slam”. It came with egg whites (spinach & tomato), turkey bacon, whole wheat English muffin and fruit. I, of course, had to pass on the bread and fruit but I just asked for some side veggies instead and they were accommodating to that. It was quite yummy!

After getting back to Fort Mac, we stopped for groceries, drove home and spent 2 hours cooking and prepping food for the week as well as packaging it in containers. We now have 18 Chicken Breasts, 4 containers of scrambled Egg Whites, 20 homemade ground chicken breast burgers, 2 big salads, a big container of rice (for my husband), veggies and some white fish. Our fridge is now filled with individual containers of food. There it is:

Once that was all done, I had a nice bath to sooth my body. I have started exfoliating and moisturizing as well now every day because I don’t want to have dry skin for the competition.

Then off to bed, 4am comes really early!

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