Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fitness Classes

There are many kinds of fitness classes out there and most of them, or at least anything I have tried thus far, have been fun, a great workout and a nice way to meet new people with the same or similar interests as you.

I have tried a variety of different options.

Spin class
Core training
Boot camp
Salsa dancing
Ballroom dancing
Step class
Water aerobics
Kick boxing

And possibly others that I can't think of right now.

All of these classes gave me a change of scenery, a chance to learn and enjoy something new as well as that extra motivation that sometimes comes from a class.

You see I am a very competitive individual with an extremist, all or nothing attitude. So when I am partaking in a class, I am generally of the mindset that there is no way I can't and won't complete it and do well with it. I will give it my all or die trying.

It has actually been quite awhile since I have taken a class, these days I am working it with weights  and cardio, plyometrics, high intensity intervals or tabata plus I have Andrew and my husband to push me.

However after November 17, I may return to a class here or there, my favourite being yoga.

So what are your favourites classes or do you prefer the gym atmosphere; where you set up your plan and just go?

Comments are welcome so feel free to post.

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