Saturday, October 13, 2012

Competition Checklist

I didn't realize there was so much that went into fitness competition preparation.

There is so much to think about, register for, do and it can get very expensive.

Of course there are the obvious things
- nutrition, diet plans and their variations based on number of weeks out
- food preparation and planning
- water intake
- supplementation (what to take, how and when to take it, etc)
- gym membership and personal trainer
- weight workouts for each muscle group
- cardio twice a day
- the suit or suits (color, size, style)
- shoes
- show registration and choosing the right category

But then there are also these other things
- theme wear and how to present it
- posing, posing practice and posing classes
- walking in those shoes (more practice)
- tanning (spray, lotion or both)
- make up for stage day
- hair for stage day
- waxing and shaving
- jewellery
- manicure/ pedicure for stage day
- bikini bite, muscle sheen lotion, etc

That is the list that I know of right now but there may be more that haven't had to deal with or think about yet. Who knew? 

It will be interesting, after I have completed my first, to see how much easier it is to do another. If that is in fact the case?

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