Thursday, October 4, 2012

Slowly but Surely

It moved again!

I could feel it was going to happen this week. I just felt leaner. Hooray! I am down another 1.5 lbs this morning so now I am at 126.5 lbs. Getting there; all be it very slowly these days.

So what do I attribute it to?

It really could be a mixture of things.

- I have had some great, sweaty workouts this week
- more cardio, which has also been, more of the high intensity stuff
- morning cardio before I eat anything could have helped
- I had a fast day
- and never underestimate the power of a great attitude, of being more positive and optimistic

Whatever it is, I am happy about it and hope it continues.

I can see some noticeable changes in the torso area and it looks like I am starting to lean out more there.

So today, being off shift, I slept in until 9am and it felt great. I got most of my housework completed last night, so here I am able to write a blog, green tea in hand, and not have to rush too much because of other things I have to do. That feels awesome!

It is -1 here in Fort McMurray this morning. I can't believe, it's gotten so cold so quickly.
Last week it was in the low +20s. Winter does have to come sometime unfortunately.

I am not doing morning cardio today because I have an Appointment with Andrew at noon plus
cardio and intervals.

We worked legs today and really isolated the muscles to get the most benefit with slow, steady movements. My legs were on freakin' fire and I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow. It was one of those workouts where your legs feel like led weights after.

I used to dread leg days but I have since grown to enjoy them. I love the burn and I love that I am finally seeing some definition in them as well. It really is about time!

After legs, I hit cardio and used the stepper to switch it up. Alternating between level 10 and level 15 for 45 minutes. When I was finished I felt phenomenal, tired definitely, but phenomenal. It's almost

as though you are on an adrenaline high and once you stop, you crash.

Here I am at this moment, lying on the couch, trying everything in my power to stay awake and my body is screaming " let me rest and sleep"!

Luckily Kevin and I have decided to drive to Innisfail in the early morning instead so I can allow
myself the luxury of a nap. It will mean leaving at 5am but I just don't have the energy to have a shower right now, let alone prepare for a 6 hour road trip.

One of the girls at the gym today asked me if I am ready for the I said I am getting there but I think I'll be ready. She said "it's amazing to watch you, you're like the transformer". I thought that comment was awesome because I have transformed my body so much in the year that I have
been going there.

Funny to me that some people really take notice, even people that I don't talk to that much. It's a great feeling.

Overall today was a good one. I'm progressing and at this point, that's the biggest goal.

I just hope that I can walk

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