Sunday, October 21, 2012

Will Power

I am sitting here this morning on my couch, pjs on, relaxing, green tea in hand, watching the snow fall. As much as I think it's too early for this weather and hate to see it in one respect; it is also so peaceful to watch.

I have "Hold On" playing in the background to keep reminding me of why I am doing this and how much I want it. This morning I need it; the diet is getting tough and I want something different so badly.

Will Power- it's a tough thing to maintain. So how do I do it? Sometimes I wonder about that myself. Focus, keeping busy, talking myself through the really tough moments; I do all of those things and obviously they work.

27 days to go- there are moments when I ask myself, if I can do it. Can I maintain this for another 27 days? It's so hard to focus sometimes when you want so badly just to have a little piece of something, anything different. But what would it satisfy in the long run....anything? I know it would make me feel worse because then I would feel guilty for giving in. So I just WON'T do that to myself.

Had a great gym workout yesterday, plyometric circuit and cardio.
1. Bosu squats (15lb dumb bells), pistol squats off bosu, step ups (10lb dumbbells) and kettle bell swings (30lbs) x 3 sets
2. Side to side bench jump overs, lunges (15lb dumb bells), bench jumps, 1-leg dead lifts x 3 sets
3. Side lunge jumps off bosu with medicine ball (12lb), pulse squats, straddle jumps onto bench x 3 sets
4. PliƩ squats off 2 bosu with 30lbs x 3 sets
Cardio: treadmill work varying speeds and inclines

Shopping wasn't as fun as I had hoped. I did finish up some birthday and Christmas stuff but found no dress pants, dresses or skirts for myself. Looks like, I'll have to wait until we go out of town again for that.

Last night my husband and I went to the movies and saw Looper. It was a pretty good movie considering, I really knew nothing about it going in, but we felt we needed some time out of the house other than at the

What another huge testament to my will power. The smell of popcorn, the sound of people crunching it as I am watching the movie, my husband next to me with his bag and the sight of those mini Reese pieces, it was all I could do to talk myself through it and focus. I am giving myself a pat on the back today however because I Did It!

Now you may be thinking "how could her husband do that to her?" and in his defence, he wasn't going to buy any popcorn but I told him he shouldn't be deprived simply by my choices. I also told him that my willpower has gotten me this far, it'll get me through this as well. Thankfully, it held strong!

So back to today, it's pretty crappy weather, the kind where you want to curl up and do nothing but we all know I don't have that luxury. It's a day where I do wish I had my own treadmill at home though. However, in a little bit, I'll pack up and head out to the gym for cardio, intervals and abs, I also have some cooking and cleaning to do but I may just leave that until tomorrow.

For now, I'm holding strong and pushing hard! Giving it my all and hoping to make my supporters proud. I do know, however, that it only gets tougher from here so these next few weeks will be the ultimate test to my will power and determination.

I just gotta "hold on" and fight!

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