Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music or Solitude

Do you prefer to workout with or without music?

How does music make you feel? Does it give you the motivation to pump out that extra set or go that extra mile?

Personally, I have my moments when I enjoy music during my workouts. Music pumps me up, allows me to push through or go faster and sometimes gives me that little extra motivation.

However, there are moments when I would prefer to workout to peace, quiet, tranquility and solitude.

It generally depends on how I feel in the moment, where I am and who I am with?

When I workout with Andrew or my husband, I don't listen to music. I don't want to be rude and I get my motivation from them anyway.

When I am alone, from time to time I do. When I want to enjoy the sounds of the world around me, especially when I am in a peaceful place like my home town, Or running on the beach in some part of the world, i don't listen to music. The atmosphere and the solitude is enough. After all we live in such a stressful, busy world that it is nice to enjoy peace and tranquility when the opportunity arises.

However, when I am working through my training and cardio at the gym or outside in the city, I turn on my tunes, zone out the world and just go.

Everything disappears and sometimes even my running picks up based on the beat of the music.

So what's your preference or are you like me and happy with a mixture of both?

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