Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I thought that I would tell you a little today about my supplementation and I'll start with a picture of what I take on a daily basis. Everything is natural and these aren't diet pills or fat burners, its mostly protein and various vitamins.

I'll list out what it here:
Protein Powder: ISO 100 (low in calories, carbs, and fat) taken post workout and sometimes in the morning as well which these days is also post workout

Vitamin C: twice daily

Calcium: 1 per day

Omega-3: 1 per day

Multivitamin: twice daily

L-Carnitine: 6 per day (3 before and 3 after workout)

Ephedrine and caffeine: 2 of each per day

BCAA- Branch Chain Amino Acids (actually these are SAA-Silk Amino Acids): muscle recovery. Taken pre-workout, post workout and can be taken throughout the day as well

ZMA: Taken before bed

Creatine: not pictured here mixed in with my water and BCAA both pre and post workout

Greens+: also not pictured but taken once per day

It may seem like a lot but this is what my body needs both to repair from the strenuous activity as well as to ensure that it is getting the vitamins it requires.

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