Monday, October 8, 2012

I train because

What is the reason I train?

Lets start with why I don't.

I don't train to be skinny
I don't train to lose weight
I don't train to have a perfect body
I don't train to lift heavier than you or run faster/ farther than you

I train because I can
I train because it makes me feel powerful (not in an egotistical sort of way), but in a strong, healthy, fit way. "Strong is the new skinny"
I train because it makes me feel sexy
I train because it pushes my limits, pushes me past my comfort zone and makes me feel like a million bucks
I train because I sit all day long in my office, stare at my computer and wish I was at the gym
I train because it is the ultimate stress reliever. If I am upset about anything training makes me feel better
I train because its satisfying
I train because I want to healthy and motivate others to be healthy too
I train because the gym actually feels like home
I train because this is a lifestyle choice not a whim. It's a choice I made to be fit and athletic
I train to compete with no one but myself. To lift heavier, run faster/ farther, etc than I did last time
I train because one day this will be my career
I train because it makes me happy and I love it

On top of all of this, at this point in my life, I train to do my very best in the fitness competition

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