Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So Far So Good this Week

This week has been a great week for me so far. I know, I know its only Wednesday but I have been more positive, optimistic, less tired and more focused.

I am currently 2 days away from being 6 weeks out. Wow—time goes by fast!

We have added one extra cardio session a day to my workout routine which I complete in the morning before eating anything and before work. I have had some amazing work outs over the course of the week so far as well and I find that I have had a lot of energy for them all.

I have started this blog which has allowed me to document everything that I am going through and keep a daily journal at the same time. Honestly, I think it really helps.

Today is the last day of my work shift and I am excited to have some time for me. We are going out of town again but at least I can sleep in, maybe relax (hopefully—I don’t think I know how), and not have to feel so rushed.

The plan in terms of work outs for my days off is not going to be much of a change from what I have been doing this week. There will be Morning Cardio, Gym workout + cardio and a couple of interval work outs as well.

Diet wise—nothing changes, other than for Thanksgiving, I can have turkey breast. It’s so funny the things that I look forward to these days.  There’ll be no pumpkin pie for me but I can have turkey breast so that’s exciting.

I don’t think that my goals will change much from here on in. I can’t really eat any cleaner than I am and if I include any more workouts, I’ll be over training. I do need to concentrate on defining my leg muscles and Andrew will be helping me with that as well as leaning out more in the ab area.

To be honest looking at myself in the mirror, I seem to look leaner this week so far but I am sometimes unsure and maybe just wishing for more results.

I will be taking another set of progress pictures soon and I’ll post them for everyone to see.

As always thanks to every one for the support and encouragement.

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