Thursday, October 4, 2012


Awhile ago Andrew asked me a question.

“What motivates you to keep going, to keep coming back, to want to be fit?”

My answer was “I love working out, I love being fit and I am constantly setting my sites on new training goals”.

Before I started the competition preparation I would go to the gym day after day with goals of lifting heavier, of pushing my body past my comfort to see what it could achieve, of beating my personal bests in endurance and time; now it’s all about the competition.

I have been thinking about this question even more so lately; I mean with the heavy training sessions and cardio day after day. What is motivating me to keep going when all I feel like I do these days is work, work out, eat very clean and sleep? Do I still enjoy this, is it still fun?

The answer to these questions is I see changes on a daily basis in my body, in my endurance and I am not that far away from achieving a goal and a body that I have dreamt about for years.

I have a wonderful support group and they are rooting for me. I want to make them proud on the big day. For me, it’s not necessarily about winning; although I am not going to lie I do dream about that too. It’s about making it, about getting up on that stage and being confident in a body that I have worked so hard to achieve. As you can probably tell from past blogs, it does get tiring. Not boring, but yes, physically tiring.

I change up my routines, add new exercises to the mix and challenge myself in new ways so that it doesn’t get boring.  Is it fun and enjoyable? You bet it is; I love it and I feel the best when I am at the gym working it with sweat streaming down my face.

I will earn this body with determination, focus, a little pain, a lot of sweat and yes even a tear or two.

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