Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For My Sister

So my sister has been reading my blog and I think got an eye-opening…lol

She said she realized that I was on a strict diet and completing intense workouts but she never fully realized the extent of what goes into prepping for a competition.

I think that is the case for most people.

If you have never been there, you really have no idea and for most of the general population it isn’t something that you would subject yourself too.

In order to do this, it has to be something you truly want and are willing to focus on--a lifelong goal.

How many people are motivated enough to workout so intensely day after day that your legs can barely make it up a couple steps, where it hurts to lift your arms to take off your sweaty gym shirt or wash your hair? How many people are motivated enough to keep at it even though they come home from the gym every night and crawl into bed because they are physically spent and exhausted and have stiff muscles 90% of the time? Not many, not many at all because it’s hard and most of us don’t like hard. It’s time-consuming, emotional and takes a toll on you physically and mentally. Not only is your diet restricted, your workouts are extreme and sometimes not as much fun as they were when you could just decide to do them. Now it’s a must—there is no choice.

For me, as much as you have read on here about how tough it is. I love the feelings described above. I have my moments, especially at 4:30am, when I think why I am subjecting myself to this but for me it’s worth it.

It’s worth it to see what my body can do, what I can lift, how I can change. “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body does”. I started working with Andrew a year ago, I have learned so much, I have seen my body change in ways I never thought possible but always dreamt about. I am tight, firm and muscular now and I have seen and done what it takes to get here and I am still not all the way there. I still don’t have the muscle separation that I require in my legs or in my abs but I DO have wicked back muscles and shoulder muscles.

I have people at work, at the gym, even the lady who changed my license picture for me yesterday commented on how I look different. I am not skinny; I am healthy. I have a much smaller frame and of course much smaller boobs but I am muscular. And I have worked damn hard to be where I am and I will have to work much harder in the next few weeks to get to where I want to be--to be stage ready. :)

Follow along with me for the ride. Any encouragement and support is always accepted with a smile and a thank you because there are days when I certainly need it.

For right now I am trucking along and feeling great. Positive thinking :)

Just a note: I wrote this one for my sister because she said my blog was depressing to read up to this point.

I hope after this one you feel a little different sis, love you.
Here is a pic from this past summer of me and my sisters. The one in the middle is the one who said it was depressing.

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