Thursday, October 18, 2012


October 18, 2012 and only a couple of days off of the 4 weeks out point. 29 days to go.

How do I feel today? I have already been through every emotion you can imagine and it's only 2pm.

I weighed as soon as I got up but I wish I hadn't. The scale moved 1lb in 1 I was so distraught that I felt like sitting on the bathroom floor and crying but I didn't. As depressing as it is, not o see the scale move, there is change, there are noticeable improvements in my body and I have gotten leaner. Even my clothes fit looser this week and my body feels tighter.

So did I give up? Not a chance. I threw on my 5" heels and struted my stuff for a bit to analyse this physique and I motored my way through my workout with Andrew. What a workout it was, we did legs and worked mostly on getting my a$$ lifted, then I completed 40 mins of cardio.

I am sticking with the same diet for another week, at which point, it's going to change again. So until next Thursday, I'll be giving it all I got to see if I can get a lot leaner and maybe lose another pound or two.

Discussions with Andrew and my workouts had my spirits up because although he was also anticipating more of a drop, he is impressed with my body and how it looks. So onward I go with more determination.

Andrew also suggested that I may be doing too much so I may need to take one day off a week. I need to judge how I feel as I move forward.

I am finding myself a lot more tired these days and now that I am off shift, I hope to rest more, relax and get in some good workouts. It's a beautiful day so my second cardio will be outside in the fresh air.

I had a pretty tough day yesterday with the diet because I was having bad cravings and hungry. That doesn't mean I gave in because I did not. My willpower has gotten me this far, it's not going to quit on me now. But seriously who cooks popcorn in the office at 8 am?....uggggggg....good God people.

I realize that these next few weeks will be the toughest to get through. The process is a tough one and takes a heavy toll on the body. I mean the diet is very strict and I am training on average 2.5 to 3 hours a day. The progress also slows down somewhat so I have to keep these things in mind and try not to get too discouraged.

In regards to my reward, I am not getting it unless I reach at least 124 lbs. The runners are on ebay and I think it's over in 6 days so I have until then to get there. If not, no reward for me!

Overall, is it tough? You bet it is. Does it get easier? It certainly doesn't seem to. Am I still into it? 100%. Is it worth it? YES

I am exhausted but I am keeping my eye on the prize. I'm almost there and when I step on that stage for the first time, I will be ready. I will strut my stuff with pride because I worked damn hard to get there.

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