Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T

Hi Everyone.

As the title suggests I am going to be talking about a book I just read by Haylie Pomroy called 'The Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T.' I decided to read this book based on current issues with my own metabolism, the frustrations I have had and experiments I have tried with no real success in fixing the metabolism issue. I purchased the book with no real expectations and I read it with an open mind, thinking what have I got to lose. Let's get started.

The basis of the book is repairing and restoring your metabolism through 3 phases continuously cycled through over a 28-day period. Keep in mind D.I.E.T in this case does not signify the normal definition of diet but rather it is an abbreviation for Did I eat today or better yet did I eat enough today?

Back to the phases.
Phase 1 (unwind): 2 days
Unwind stress and calm the adrenals. This is the high glycemic, moderate protein and low- healthy fat phase. During this phase only vigorous cardio is allowed.

Phase 2 (unlock): 2 days
Unlock stored fat and build muscle. This is the high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat phase.
During this phase only weight lifting is allowed. Heavy weight, low rep.

Phase 3 (unleash): 3 days
Unleash the burn. Hormones, heart and heat. This is the high healthy fat, moderate carb, moderate protein, low glycemic fruit phase. During this phase only yoga, stretching, deep breathing or a massage is allowed.

The program is designed around a set of rules as well all focused on cleaning up and restoring the inside of the body. The organs, hormones, glands, etc. Rules include: eat 5-6 times per day (every 3-4 hours except when sleeping), eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, follow the plan for 28 days, only eats the foods allowed in each phase, phases have to be completed in order, drink half of your body weight in water, eat organic when possible and nitrate free meat, exercise as suggested by phase, no caffeine, no alcohol, no wheat, no corn, no dairy, no soy, no refined sugar, no dried fruit or juices, no artificial sweetener, no fat free/diet food.

While these may seem like a lot of rules if you eat clean already it is actually pretty easy to follow. I started the program last Monday. #1 because I have nothing to lose at this point and #2 because it is a structured program where by I am not cutting food just cycling the clean, natural food that I am used to. I have now completed week 1 and overall not bad. I feel fine but I did struggle with 2 things. #1 no caffeine. I only have 1 cup of coffee everyday but it is my morning bliss and I'll be honest in saying I miss it immensely. #2 only lifting twice in a week. It's not normal for me but for the next 28 days I'll do it. The rest of the rules, for me, are easy and are things that I do or don't do anyway.

The plan although mostly focused around repairing metabolism is also a program whereby one can also anticipate fat and weight loss.

I'll be updating here each week as I go through this program with how I feel, weight lost if any, etc. I'm really hoping it helps reset my metabolism and gets my body back to the fat-burning machine it should be.

Wish me luck and speaking of luck. Happy St. Paddy's Day! :)

Until next time,

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    Thank you for the review. Would love to hear how this is progressing.