Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today, October 16, 2012, I am tired. Tired, however, is a normal feeling for me these days so I am getting used to it. At this stage of the game, with the intense workouts I have been doing for quite some time now, the early mornings and the diet plan it is to be expected. So I am still trucking along! Although, I was so tired this morning that I felt nauseous and had a slight headache so there was no way I could do my morning cardio and I had to skip it today. I’ll do my best to pay up for it tonight.

Andrew pushed me really hard again last night with intervals. We completed 2 sets of 2 x 5 minute interval circuits plus a tabata style (20sec/10sec) interval thrown in there for 3 sets. I was soaked in sweat and pooped but I also managed to push through 10 minutes on the stepper at different levels and 30 minutes on the treadmill at different inclines and speeds.

Here is my interval work out with Andrew:
#1 (5 minutes continuous) Feet elevated push ups (10) plus Dumb bell clean and press (10 each arm)
#2 (5 minutes continuous) Resistance band rows (20) plus burpees (10)
#3 Tabata (20sec/10sec continuous) pulse squats, upright row (15lb dumb bells), and stretched out, all muscles tensed plank (harder version)

As I explained yesterday, once I got home after this and physically sat down I was like a zombie; I was so exhausted.

Andrew and I discussed a lot about the competition last night and he gave me the good news that he is certain that I will be ready for November 17, 2012. He even anticipates that in the next couple of weeks I should be seeing way more ab definition; that made me feel so much better. Our main areas of focus for me going forward will be legs and abs, as I have said before; my upper body is in really good shape for where I need to be, I just need to maintain that area.

So I finally took progress pictures:

My next biggest hurdle will be getting comfortable posing, walking in my shoes and most of all getting past the self-consciousness I feel walking around half naked. Yesterday, I put the above pictures on face book and before I hit post; I was like OMG…I can’t put myself out there for everyone to see half naked. However, I did, because I have to figure out a way to get past being uncomfortable and nervous with that. I need to be able to rock it on stage!

Andrew suggested that I not weigh myself until Thursday or Friday after I have been following this diet plan for a week so I’m going to wait like he suggested. By Thursday, fingers crossed, I will be down and can jump for joy and purchase my new runners. If not, I know I will be extremely disappointed, however Andrew did notice a change in me last night, meaning that I am leaner which I can feel as well; so that’s positive. I am learning that the scale not moving does not necessarily mean that I am not getting leaner. I just have to learn not to be disappointed when I step on it and it hasn’t moved.

Tonight the plan is to work shoulders, abs, complete cardio plus an interval workout and hopefully crawl into bed before 10pm because I need rest.

The diet doesn’t seem to be too bad so far today; I don’t feel extremely hungry at least. I am eating every 3-4 hours, all be it very small meals; 3 ounces of chicken is not very much.

I am feeling positive again today, yes I am tired, but I am progressing, I am getting leaner and I still have 32 days to work on getting in even better shape. Tomorrow is my last day of shift and being that my husband is working extra days; we are not going out of town this weekend so I can relax at home and rest up—looking forward to that more than you can imagine.

Until next time.

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