Friday, October 12, 2012

The Little Things

Before I get into how I am feeling today. I wanted to reflect on the title of this blog.

"The Little Things" meaning the little things that make you happy or excited when you are going through this process. You get a new appreciation for food, tastes, and flavours and a new appreciation for any sort of extra time.

For instance, who would have ever thought that a person could get excited over whole eggs but here i am on top of the world for that reason. The same happened with the turkey breast for Thanksgiving, you have no idea how good that was. I talked to another girl yesterday doing this as well and she was over the moon for salmon. So funny but so true, any change or any little difference at all helps.

Then there are those moments when somehow you come upon extra time. Getting home from work a little earlier or like this morning when the traffic is so bad (weather) that you get to turn around and come home. Those moments are few and far between and it's a God send when you get to take advantage of them.

So that puts me into how I am feeling so far today. I woke up as per normal but I was exhausted so I had to push myself to do my morning interval workout but hey I did it.

Here it is: 3 rounds
10 leg in/ out plus 10 pulse each leg
10 prisoner jacks
10 weighted over head press
10 Turkish get ups each side
1 minute wall sit and 1 minute plank

So I pushed through, felt better and got ready for work, had my yummy, yummy whole eggs and 1 tbsp almond butter, also yummy and headed off. Traffic was ridiculous because we had snow and ice last night so I hadn't gotten very far when I was just completely stopped and annoyed. So when I got to where I could turn around, I jumped at the opportunity and came home. All I could think was great because now I can get some housework done and maybe even some cooking before I try to make it to work again.

So here i am feeling energetic again, still at home, and so far I have done laundry, changed my bed sheets and cleaned my bathrooms. I may crash and feel tired any minute but for now I am taking advantage of the time and the energy. Not sure if I'll even make it to work today so if not even better  and I can get my gym workout in early too. (Sweet....ahhhhh the little things.....)

Diet is going well so far today and I am following it to a tee hoping to see some major changes in the next two weeks. No period yet but I know it's coming and it is causing me to feel bloated sometimes.

I'll be working arms tonight along with my cardio intervals of course.

Oh yes, other news, I received my cat woman theme wear. I'm afraid to try it on, I know I'll critique myself to death, either that, or my luck it wont fit. I will force myself to put it on sometime today and if I don't, I'm sure my husband will. I'm also sure you'll here all about how it works or doesn't.

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