Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Happens After?

What happens after?

I have been concerned and a little apprehensive lately about what comes after the competition in terms of my fitness goals and achievements. Some of you are probably thinking, well you haven’t even made it to the show yet and yes this is true; however I like to think ahead; sometimes way ahead :)

I have been reading blogs and magazine articles from professional competitors about what happens after the competition.

The main consensus is to keep focusing on more goals to aim for and achieve. For me that may be other shows, it may be beating my personal bests, it may be lifting heavier but no matter what I choose, maybe even all of the above, I know that fitness will always be apart of my life as will eating clean. Not clean as in competition clean, no one can maintain that diet 365 days a year and who would want to it isn’t healthy for long term.

There is also a consensus that a few days relaxation, maybe a break from the gym and some indulgences in food (nom nom nom) are also a good idea. However, not to get to excited as it is simply a few days before going back to normal clean eating and normal gym activity. The strenuous, time consuming workouts and eating patterns of the competition prep will go away until a decision is made to try this craziness again.

Another goal that I have also been contemplating for awhile now is becoming a personal trainer. I have registered for the online course, recommended to me by Andrew, through the American College of Sports and Medicine and as soon as I get the time I am going to focus on getting certified.

I am passionate about fitness and I love working out. I think focusing on goals to continuously improve myself as well as getting certified as a personal trainer will keep me motivated and challenged.

As for doing another show, I am waiting to see how this one plays out but the likely answer is yes.

One can only get better with practice.

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