Monday, October 8, 2012

More Viens= Less Bodyfat

You guys have heard me mention in past blogs about seeing more veins throughout my body. You may have wondered so what does that mean?

Well as you go through this process you will develop more noticeable veins which means that your percentage of Body fat is decreasing. It's a good thing.

That's why when I am talking about it I am usually stoked and excited. It means I am getting leaner.

So as of today, October 8, 2012, I have considerably more veins and therefore a considerable decrease in body fat. Woohoo.....I am getting there.

Today not only did i sleep in, which was nice but I slept well last night too and i woke this morning feeling refreshed and energized.

I did have stomach issues though and felt bloated. I am blaming it on carb reload day.

Couldn't do egg whites so I had a protein shake and tin of tuna for breakfast. Sounds disgusting I know and it wouldn't be my choice either, believe me, if I had any other. Lol

I took some time for myself after breakfast and went shopping, even started my Christmas shopping. Whats even more exciting, I bought a pair of size 0 jeans, an XS dress for my Christmas party and I tried on dress pants in a size 1/2 that were too big. I was in my glee! I no longer buy size medium shirts either, looks like my new size is XS.

I went to the gym after shopping and worked legs. I can feel it now, that's for sure. My butt and quads are on fire.

Here is what I did today:
Leg press x 4 sets
Hamstring curl superseted with quad extension x 3 sets
Lunge superseted with goblet squat x 4 sets
Bosu ball front squat, Bulgarian split squat superseted with straight leg dead lift x 3 sets

I used the stepper for cardio today for 30 minutes alternating between level 8, 10 and 12 for a total of 151 flights of stairs. Again I felt awesome!

However, move past the gym, and I start to feel emotional, drained and out of sorts. Literally in tears for no apparent reason, good God what is wrong with me. I suppose I may be able to blame it on PMS because it is on its way and I am generally moody a few days before. Although, not this bad, geez I am like someone I don't even know sometimes.

Anyway, I am feeling better again now. How long will it last? Who knows but I am on my way to bed soon so I guess the emotional roller coaster can only take place in my dreams from here.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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