Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 weeks out

So I did get to stay home from work after all yesterday which was great. I got so much accomplished, caught up on the housework, cooking and even some relaxation. On top of that I got to the gym and home much earlier which felt great.

I didn't sleep in or get any extra sleep however so I do still intend to take another day off from work but it will be Sunday now instead of today.

I promised to try my cat woman costume on and I did. It fits pretty well and I will be sticking with it, however there are areas of my body that need work to make it look better. Legs and abs especially but I think that it'll work, I just need to get the courage and get comfortable walking around half naked in front of hundreds of people wearing it.

Practiced walking more in my shoes as well yesterday and I do find them quite comfortable. Hopefully it'll stay that way. Posing classes are set for October 22 and November 5, so I have to register for those and I started tanning as well, going to do just a couple of times a week to use up my minutes and get a base. I want to make sure that I am dark enough because you do have to be really dark or apparently the stage lights wash you out. I also have the name of a lady who does the pre-show makeup and will be giving her a call. The makeup is another thing that has to be more extravagant then normal due to the stage lighting.

Diet went well yesterday but I was hungry. Stomach was growling for food a few times but I stayed focused and am hoping to see some more results from these changes. I found coconut oil that I think I'll manage to eat by the spoonful, it smells and tastes like coconut unlike the other one I had; which is a good thing. I seem to feel leaner today but I am holding steady on the scale at 126.

Workout yesterday focused on arms and abs as well as cardio on the treadmill. It felt good, I love pushing through my workouts. Started taking the creatine, 2 scoops, one during workout and one post workout, but I haven't been taking it long enough to notice any changes yet.

Late last night just before my last meal I started to not feel so well. Cramps in my stomach, nauseous, chills and a little lightheaded so I laid down for awhile, still not feeling the best today but I started my period so I presume that is what it is all stemming from.

Today officially marks the 5 weeks out point, that's 35 days. I still sometimes can't believe that I am leading this path. It is nerve wrecking and tough but very exciting. In some respects, I can't wait for November 17 and in other ways I hope it doesn't come on to quickly. I still have a lot of work to do.

My plan was to work legs and then do cardio today, however because I started my period and I am not feeling the greatest, I may cut that down and only do cardio today and work my legs tomorrow. I should be feeling better by then. We'll see how it goes when I leave work and how I feel by then.

So 5 weeks left to get as lean as I possibly can. I am hoping and praying that the new changes to the diet plan will make me shed the last of my body fat. Looking forward to reaching my goal and I'll be pushing hard and staying tough until the big day!

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