Sunday, October 7, 2012

Through another Week

Well I have made it through another week and quite a productive week it was.

I got in loads of cardio (mostly the high intensity kind), I completed all my workouts, kept the diet clean even with the drooling over Thanksgiving dinner, lost a few more pounds and I feel leaner. All big steps toward my ultimate goal so im still going strong and still feeling positive.

Unlike past weeks, I do feel like I can make it.

If I can turn down Thanksgiving dinner, pies and resist Hawkins cheesies every time I open up the cupboard door then I can make it.

Today was another great day, workout wise. I worked shoulders although I had intended to do legs. Legs, however, we're feeling quite sore so I listened to my body and worked a different area. An important step in this process is to keep aware of how your body feels so as not to overtrain.

So i completed my shoulder workout-- feeling the burn, of course before moving on to 20 minutes of intervals on the stepper and 40 minutes on the track for my cardio. I completed 6 sets including a walk holding 15lb weights in each hand, a run and then another walk with no weight. It felt wonderful.

Today was also carb reload day (yummy, yummy). I included oatmeal, rice and a few nuts into my diet which is nice but I find that my body lacks energy on this day, I guess because it isn't used to carbs? I mean I seem to be fine for my workout but a few hours later, I just want to crash.

Kevin and I also got a few hours to ourselves today. The kids went to their moms for Thanksgiving  dinner (that's why we had ours yesterday) and so Kevin and I took advantage of this time to hang out. Something we don't get to do that often. We went for coffee and went to the mall. I tried on some dresses for our Christmas parties and although nothing was purchased, it was fun and we enjoyed each others company.

Upcoming weeks goals are:
1. Maintain clean eating
2. Morning cardio everyday
3. Work all muscle groups plus an additional leg workout
4. Another cardio session every day after weights, intervals as often as possible
5. One fast day
6. Ab workout every second day
7. Practice walking in my shoes
8. Stay positive and focused

I got this!

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