Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Husband and Biggest Supporter

By now you have probably all figured out that my husbands name is Kevin.

We met at work in 2005 and started dating in 2007. Kevin is my soul mate and I have known this for a very long time because although we don’t share the same body, we are very much the same person.

We got married in 2011 and had a small intimate wedding which was everything that I always dreamt it would be.

Kevin has an ex-wife and 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) so that brings its challenges but we are happy.

We fell in love based on our connection to each other, a connection we felt right away. We can share one simple look that says everything you could ever need to say. We have a fairy tale romance and for a long time I have been his Cinderella and he, my Prince Charming.

We have a love for so many similar things, such as, travelling, music, being adventurous (although Kevin brings this out in me), being active (although I bring this out in him), dancing, skiing/boarding, being carefree and so on.

This leads me to where I am going with this blog post. Some times there are certain things in a relationship that may not necessarily interest one person as much as it does the other, however you compromise or support based on how important you realize that particular thing is to the one you love.

When we met I was active and Kevin enjoyed being active with me. We would go to the gym, play squash, shoot hoops, rollerblade, bike, ski/board, walk /run, play softball, etc. and it was fun. We enjoyed each other, however, working out was still something that was more my thing than his.

This is still the case in most instances, however Kevin has taken on a new attitude to being fit and he is also working with Andrew now to learn the techniques, build some muscle and shed some fat. I can see that he is even enjoying it more than he ever did. A few months back, we did a 5k together, Kevin’s first official race and he got 3rd in his age group and I got 1st in mine. It was a great accomplishment and a great feeling to participate together.

On the days, when I am not working out with Andrew, Kevin and I generally train together. He pushes me and keeps me motivated and I do the same for him. Plus it is very nice to do and enjoy together. It makes it that much better and easier.

Kevin tells me a lot how proud he is of me for what I am doing and for sticking with my goal of competing and that makes me feel great. He is my biggest supporter and much more of a help in this process than he realizes.

I feel selfish sometimes (well more often than not) because the process is extremely demanding and requires that you focus on yourself and your goals almost 100% of the time. It must be hard on the other person in any relationship, and then there is the moodiness, the complete physical exhaustion and changes in personality to deal with as well as lack of time together because so much time is spent in the gym.

Have we as a couple figured out how to deal with all these things? Honestly I would have to say No, not exactly. I get support and encouragement from Kevin, we talk and try our best to understand things from the others view point and we go to the gym and workout together which definitely helps. However, we have yet to figure out how to get that balance between work, gym and quiet time together. I think that by the time, we achieve this, we’ll be back to normal anyway and the competition will be over…lol but at least if there is a next time, we’ll be better able to handle it.

My husband is the love of my life, in his arms is where I feel the safest and secure. He makes me feel beautiful even when I am so NOT and I am thankful and grateful for him and his support through this process more than I could ever express.

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