Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have been feeling the not so pleasant cravings for food that I can not have.

It all started when someone at work decided to microwave popcorn and that smell....oh good God!

From there I craved a Tim Horton's breakfast bagel BELT, toast and a myriad of other things. I didn't give in and my will power remained strong, thankfully.

It is now 9pm and I am currently feeling very hungry. I have completed all my workouts for the day and all my meals are eaten, so now what? Since I'm exhausted; I think it best if I  just go to bed so that I don't eat anything.

I am smart enough not to keep junk in the house so I don't have the temptation around but what I wouldn't do for even a taste of something bad right now. I don't even mean bad in the sense of junk food, although a piece of chocolate would sure be nice. I mean bad in terms of my diet structure. I would like fruit, greek yogurt, nuts, a piece of weight watchers toast with peanut butter...the good things but things that I am not allowed at this point.

My motto is simply to relax and refocus. Keeping busy helps as well and working out does the trick. If not it feels like I could just snap at any second.

But again, like everything else, cravings do pass and in actuality they don't last that long. It's a mind thing and something that takes a considerable amount of focus, at times, to get through.

We have been discussing lately about our cheat meal after the show, since its getting closer and not that far away. It's makes us want to drool but the thought of eating those foods.....nom, nom, nom.

I want that nice warm bun of bread from the Keg, their mushroom caps, a glass of wine and a piece of their Billy Miners cake. OMG! Of course, I'll have steak too but those are the things I am thinking of the most plus a nice big breakfast the following day with bacon, hash browns, toast and screw it, maybe even a pancake....oh and Reese peanut butter cups.

Well now that I have tortured myself with all of that once again and I think I drooled on the iPad. I had better get to bed, my mouth is watering and I hope I don't dream of food.

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