Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Big Day is Getting Closer

I haven't written an update in a while mostly because I have been busy. There seems to be so much going on these days.

I have had a great couple of days. I've been in a great mood, have had lots of energy and have gotten lots accomplished. My days off were really great overall; I slept in until 8 or 9am every day, had some really awesome workouts, went on a date with my hubby, completed all my cooking and cleaning and I actually feel refreshed and relaxed.

On Sunday, the weather just got worse so I didn't venture outside but I did complete my training, which included free dancing to a few songs (I turned up some dance music and busted out some moves, it may have looked silly but it got my heart rate up, it was fun and care free), plus cardio intervals and abs.

Monday was trainer day, Andrew and I worked back and holy am I sore. We did chin ups which get me every time. Today my back, abs, triceps and biceps are all so sore.

My diet plan is still rather lack luster but I haven't been overly hungry and I haven’t had any really bad cravings in the last few days. I am noticing some big differences in my body, in terms of getting leaner and I have a couple of more noticeable veins. My body just seems firmer and tighter.

Kevin helped me get into my cat woman outfit again which is starting to look better on as my abs finally seem to be getting tighter. I also tried on a couple of dresses that I had forgotten about which will work for our Christmas parties; it’s amazing how much nicer it feels to try on clothes when you feel better about yourself and your body.

Other updates, Kevin and I are attending a Halloween party this coming weekend and we are going as Popeye and Olive. It's cute and we are looking forward to getting out and socializing a little. I'll be carting along a pack of sparkling water as a substitute for alcohol…lol, which actually doesn't bother me, other than a glass of wine once in a while; I was never a big drinker anyway.

Posing class went very well. It's incredible how tough it is to do the poses, do them properly and continuously smile. We practiced the T-walks and the quarter turns and now that I have an idea of what it all involves, I am more excited and a little more confident.

The posing does require a lot of practice however, so this has added another 45mins to an hour to my daily routine. I’ve been putting on my beach bikini and my show shoes at home and practicing both the walk and the poses. My husband being the sweetheart that he is told me last night, that I look great and that he thinks I can even win this thing; I know he is supposed to say that….lol but still what a sweetie!

So what else is new? Let’s see. The photo shoot that I won is taking place on Friday, November 16th, the day before the show. Super excited about that! I am also planning on doing a photo shoot with Andrew as well; he is going to do some gym shots and other variations. There is the athlete meeting the evening before the event, where we will be able to practice our walks and wearing our shoes on stage.

As nervous as I am, it seems the more I talk about it now, the more excited I get. I am looking forward to it so much.

We are almost 3 weeks out now. 3 weeks to keep busting my butt at the gym, keep giving 100% to my diet and practice, practice, practice the stage walk and posing.

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