Monday, October 29, 2012

3 weeks out and counting

Again it’s been a few days since I provided an update so you would almost think that I have nothing to talk about or that nothing has been going on. I almost wish that were the case…lol

I have been so busy with so much; I don’t know where to start.

I feel like I am getting the flu but please oh please God, don’t let that be happening. I have 19 days to go yet and I can’t afford to get sick. I have a slight sore throat and I just feel blah. However, I do have the strangest PMS symptoms, one of which is a sore throat so I am hoping that’s all it is. Lack of rest is not helping though and I need to catch up on that and get myself in bed before 11pm at night.

Friday was my last update so as you know I had a course that night plus I worked all day. There was no work out, which was ok because Andrew has been telling me lately that I should consider a rest day every once in a while.

Saturday marked the 3 weeks out point and I am certainly getting excited. Am I still scared and nervous? Most definitely, however I see significant changes quite often now and I am less anxious about being ready body wise and more anxious about presentation on stage. Practice, practice, practice is the key for T-walk, poses and quarter turns.

After my rest day on Friday, I was back at it Saturday morning with a short work out before class. Being that I was in class also meant that I could sleep until 6am; which was a welcome escape from 4:15am, however I am not getting to bed early enough to make it count.
Morning Workout was as follows: 3 sets of
20 triceps dips
10 hanging leg raises
12 elevated pushups
20 calf raises per leg

After class I also headed to the gym and completed my arm workout and cardio. I was having periods of lightheadedness but it seemed to go away later in the day. I still have sore shoulders and bum but I love the feeling because I know the workouts are working.

I also have noticed more body changes; a new vein in my shoulder and I am getting a line going down the middle of my abs. So exciting! My diet is still the same; Andrew hasn’t changed it even though I have been on it for over 2 weeks now. I am not sure that it will change much more at this point.

We also went to a Halloween Party on Saturday night; we dressed up as Popeye and Olive.
It was nice to get out and although there were goodies there; I wasn’t tempted. I stuck to my Perrier and drank 2 liters of water while I there…gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Sunday, I was in class again and I was tired. My head feels like it is a constant mumble, jumble of lists, things to do, planning workouts, diet and so on. I don’t get much time to relax and then with going out it’s tough to keep up. Overall though, it is a fun process. I didn’t do a morning workout but I paid up for it at the gym with total body training and cardio later in the day.

Luckily, I got out of class early enough to hit the gym, go home, clean and cook because my husband had organized us a date night to go to the college theatre to watch a Beatles tribute band, they were great and it was fun. However, it meant once again not getting into bed until almost 11:30pm. I’m so tired!!

So that brings me to today and to be honest, I’m pooped and not feeling well. I am so worried that I am getting sick but praying that I am not. I’m back to work so I was up at 4:30am but once again, I didn’t complete a morning workout and if I don’t feel any better; no workout period.

Things are coming together though overall and I am happy about that. I am currently looking for pose ideas and “sexy” workout gear for my photo shoots as well as finding some unique move for my T-walk. I have most things booked and ordered at this point:
Hair/highlights, make up, suit, shoes, theme wear, jewelry, manicure/pedicure, photo shoots, tanning, waxing, and posing classes, bikini bite, pro-tan and muscle sheen.

I hope that there is nothing that I am forgetting. I am so thankful that I had enough vacation to take the week off before the show because there is so much to do in that time span.

Looking forward to rocking it for another week and seeing what changes I can make happen. A little concerned about my suit arriving on time but I think it’s now on its way at least. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get sick!

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