Friday, October 5, 2012

Preparation is the Key

October 5, 2012

Our day started early at 4am to be on the road for Innisfail to pick up the kids by noon.

So here I am sitting in the car, while Kevin drives, thinking about my upcoming workout.

This morning, actually up until about an hour or so ago, I was feeling so exhausted and drained that I didn't think I would make it through any workout today.

But we are almost there and I am looking forward to getting to the gym, pumping some iron and sweating out some cardio.

First thing I have to do however is get to the grocery store to prepare food for the weekend. Veggies, tuna, chicken, egg whites and also rice and oatmeal for Sunday. (Yay!)

I always make sure to take my supplementation with me when we travel but I do need to get better at packing food for the trip. Right now, I am starving because all I had was my protein shake at 5am and a tin of tuna a few hours later.

We stopped at a gas station but there was NOT one thing there that I could eat. One noticeable thing, on this diet, is how horribly stocked in healthy foods most of these places are. It's terrible!
So I just bought more water and we trucked along.

Preparation is a key factor in sticking with this process, that's why as a general rule, we prepare meals in bulk once a week. My bad; for this trip, I wasn't prepared.

So today's workout goals, include triceps/ biceps and abs as well as intervals and cardio at a gym I haven't been to yet in Innisfail. I can notice, especially when lifting, a huge difference in my arms and shoulders. Things seem to be coming together.

It's just about the end of day and I'm sleepy now. The new gym was great and the workout felt fabulous. Overall another productive day, goals accomplished.

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