Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rewards and Progress

Days off...ahhhh......lovely!

I slept until 8:30am, had breakfast (eggs and almond butter), which are getting soooo old now and headed to the gym. Banged out an intense 15mins of cardio and a 1 hour appointment with Andrew. We worked legs and abs today, well mostly my buns and I beat my personal best in the weighted Bulgarian split squat with 35lb dumb bells in each hand for 12 reps.

Another bonus my scale moved, I am now 124lbs. Super excited about that. I have lost a total of 32lbs since I started working with Andrew over a year ago. No abs yet....grrrrrr.....I have lines, the torso area is flat but no 6 pack. Still 15 days....fingers and toes crossed!

So EXCITING news, I get a cheat day tomorrow! Hallelujah! For anyone who is thinking I am going to ruin it. This was my first; I was super nervous! However, this is under Andrew's expert advice, who says it will not affect me, other than in good ways. So he has gotten me this far and I trust him so I am eating whatever I want tomorrow. Yeehaw!

Now you would think I would want to go all out with junk (real junk) but actually I want things like whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana, protein shakes, berries, nuts, rice, maybe some pasta, anything but chicken and maybe a little chocolate. Those are the things I am really craving....I can't wait for tomorrow. This cheat day does mean, however that I have a super intense full body workout tomorrow and a fast day the following day plus another super intense full body workout. Some of you might be thinking, well is it even worth it? Believe me, if you were living on no carbs, eggs, chicken, a few green veggies and almond butter; there would be no question. It's worth it!

As you can tell, my day is going well so far. Kevin just left to go see the kids for the weekend, so I'll be lonely, but I have a lot to do so it'll be fine. He'll be back on Monday. My spray tan is booked for 7am on Friday prior to the show, hair has been discussed with the lady to see if required, Andrew is holding his own posing session this coming Saturday, photo shoot with him will be on the Wednesday before the show, and I also have posing class this coming Monday. My suit, another story, I have so much anxiety because it's still not here! Wtf!

I won't think about that right now. For now, I am happy, excited and feeling proud of myself. Andrew told me today, that out of everyone he trains, I am definitely someone who knows how to push past the comfort zone and dig for it. To ignore the pain! There is no cheating when I do reps, I give it my all because I want it so badly! Yay for me! Lol......

Last night, I worked shoulders and did a really good circuit. They were on fire when I was done and I added planks in there as well because they also work the shoulders for an added punch.

Had 16 little trick or treaters for Halloween, so much fun!

Well for the remainder of the day, I am out to shop for cheat day food, look for photo shoot work out gear, fake eyelashes and a few other things. I will be tanning and heading to the gym for another hour of cardio.

Remember the reward of runners if I got to 124lbs, well I made it so I'm going to look for a nice pair today and if I don't find anything, I'll order one of those from online.

I'm in a good place today, feeling good. I'm so close!

Still pushing, hoping to make you all proud!

Until next time!

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