Sunday, November 18, 2012

Post Show update

The show is over and the day was a truly amazing experience. I had such a fun time, met some fantastic people and gained some confidence along the way.

I didn't place in my category but I did get an award ($100) for representing what Keane2Befit is all about; meaning living the natural healthy lifestyle through clean eating and training. Honestly, for the first go at this, I just wanted to try it out, give it my all and say that I did it and did what it takes to get there.

I definitely intend on competing again and am already looking at shows for this coming May or June. Things that I need improvement on, that I know myself, are my quarter turn posing and leaning out more overall. I will know more on Tuesday about improvements, after my first post show work out with Andrew.

Show day ran very smoothly and the function was organized extremely well. I had my tan touch ups at 7am, hair and makeup at 8:15am and made it to the venue on time at 10am. I had the jitters and butterflies but once I stepped on stage that all seemed to go away. I believe that I pulled off my t-walk poses very well and I was called out in every line in the morning show for comparisons as well.

It was nice to see friends and of course my hubby in the audience cheering me on. My hubby was more nervous for me than I was for and he was extremely supportive and accommodating all day and everyday for that matter. Love that man to pieces!

After the morning show, I came home, ate and crashed for an hour or so. At 6pm, we started again, the crowd was bigger and livelier for this one. The theme wear round went off really well and everyone enjoyed cat woman and her

Post show, before even leaving the venue, we had ripped into our Reese peanut butter cups and they were so freakin' yummy! Then we went to the Keg for supper, out for breakfast this morning plus our pot luck this afternoon and I am definitiely ready to get back to normal tomorrow. I feel like I am in a carb

So back to normal tomorrow. Clean eating, actually after all I ate today, maybe a fast day to start the week, back to the gym with my hubby for legs and a little cardio, Tuesday will be my first appointment with Andrew and things will just start to transition back into regular mode.

Goals going forward are to keep training, focus some on my personal training course and getting certified, transitioning out of competiton mode and back into normal mode (normal training and normal clean eating), choosing another show and aiming high to improve on this past performance.

A shout out again to everyone who has shared and helped me through this process. It has been trying and hard but definitely worth it and such a rewarding experience overall.

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