Thursday, November 22, 2012

Results, Goals and Personal Bests

The results of the show came out yesterday and I placed 7th out of 11 ladies in the fitness model category. Not too bad, I suppose for my first show, however I can and will do better. Working on it already and am motivated.

Really excited to get my photo shoot pictures from Andrew and Tim, Andrew worked on some of my pictures yesterday so I hope to get them soon.

Here is a collage of some of Tim's work with me.

I have also been in communication with Rick, the photographer who wanted me to do a shoot with him and it looks like we will be doing that on either December 8th or 9th at the gym.

Here is a pictures he took of me on the big day.

So what else is new and exciting?

These days I am counting down the days until I go home for Christmas. 25 more sleeps!!
It’s also the time of year for Christmas parties, dinners and stuff. I was a little anxious about these things but as long as I keep my intake of wine to a minimum and stick to cleaner foods, all should be good. I love Christmas!

Really overall, I am just enjoying life, enjoying the normalcy of regular training and clean eating. Greek yogurt (nom, nom) and oatmeal…OMG….eyes rolling back in my head….lol
Last night, I worked my triceps and biceps. I can now complete 12 unassisted body weight triceps dips in a row, when I started I could only get 6. I lifted heavy last night and I also beat my personal best time in the mile run. Last night I completed it in 7 minutes, 29 seconds. Goal is a 6 minute mile!

I also cooked a bunch of things when I got home last night. Chicken breasts (yes I am back to those), protein muffins and I tried homemade protein chocolate peanut butter cups but I haven’t tasted it yet (Let you know about that tomorrow).

Andrew achieved his goal of making my lats so stiff and sore that I would feel them. So I text him to let him know and he says, “Good, now practice flexing them in your office chair”…lol

I am still deciding on my next show or shows for 2013 and I am excited to do another, extremely motivated and can’t wait to get my body in even better shape.

Tonight, is free night; no gym because I am going out with some lady friends for dinner. Back at it on Friday though, my hubby and I will be working chest and shoulders and I will be trying to beat my mile run time again.

Stay tuned! Check out my other blog posts from today, I posted the recipe for protein muffins and my morning oatmeal. Speaking of oatmeal, I think it’s that time. Yay!

Also a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers from the United States!

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