Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 days to go

Have you ever worked out so hard that afterwards it takes an enormous amount of energy just to lift your arms to wash your hair in the shower? Well that's the kinda work out Andrew put me through today.

We did another total body training session as planned, heavier but with the normal 12 reps and I got to the gym early enough to complete my cardio before my appointment.

I'm feeling good again today, seemingly energized and motivated. I didn't sleep well last night because I was awake so often to pee..lol. Water intake has been going well so far and I am currently up to 7L today. Goal is to get to 10L tonight...but going to the bathroom every 10 minutes is so annoying!

I had my waxing appointment at 3pm, ran a few errands, did laundry and that's really been the extent of my day. Tonight when Kevin gets home, I will be practicing my posing and t-walks again.

Tomorrow will be my last work out before the show and it'll be another total body but heavier again with reps of 6-8. Today was my last work out with legs incorporated because we want to make sure they are not inflamed for Saturday.

Tomorrow at 8am is also my first photo shoot. So excited! Andrew is a photographer as well and we had discussed a long time ago him taking some shots of me once I reached my goals. So now is that time...lol!

It's all getting so close now and coming on so fast. Once tomorrow hits, I'll be really busy with appointments, photo shoots and all that fun stuff. I'm a little nervous for my shoots but I suppose once I get into it, it'll run smoothly.

Still nervous about Saturday but it's an excited type of nervous now. I am no longer concerned about my body and more concerned about tripping on stage, forgetting my poses or something.

It's been an awesome ride so far and it should only get better from here. Woohoo.....4 days to go!

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