Sunday, November 11, 2012

A rough day!

Today ended up being a lot tougher than it started out when I wrote my first blog this morning.

Gosh...I felt so depleted, drained, just tired and oh so hungry. I had every intention of cleaning house, cooking, training and cardio but all I got was cooking, a little cleaning and my 10 minute burpee challenge. I did beat my personal best there though with 84 burpees total but I had to go lay down after I was done because I had nothing left.

There were moments throughout the day when all i felt like doing was crying but once again I hung in there. By 12:30pm, I had 5L of water drank and had gone to the bathroom so much it was getting

I spent most of the afternoon resting, I took a nap and lazed around watching TV. I could hardly function and keep my eyes open I was so drained. There was just no energy!

The hunger passed as the day went on probably because I was so full of water. I managed to drink 8.5L by 8:30pm.

So if anyone is wondering what the purpose is of all the water and salt loading then depletion. Its purpose is to trick your body into expelling excess water to get that thin tight skin look, letting the muscles burst through. For the first three days you water and salt load and in the last three days you gradually reduce your water but load up on carbs and reduce salt completely. You carb deplete during the salt water loading phase (no change for me because I have been only eating green veggies as carbs for weeks now anyway) and then carb load during the salt, water depletion phase. 

Basically water loading and depletion is used as another method to get ultra lean prior to competition and apparently works very well, however, as I have said before these methods are not recommended for regular diet other than for those competing. If it works as it should I will see more noticeable differences by Thursday and even more by competition day.

So overall, it's been a really rough day! I can't count how many times I played " hold on" by Sean Paul to remind myself to keep going and as Andrew says "dig deep".

I'm in the home stretch now though and this week will be an exciting week for me. Tomorrow I want to hit the gym earlier in the day for cardio session one and then go back for my appointment with Andrew at 6 plus another cardio session. I just hope I have more energy tomorrow. I also want to finish cleaning house being that I didn't get that finished today.

In total, I have 3 days of training and cardio left before the competition as well as 3 days of water and salt. Thursday the water decreases to 4L plus I get carbs but the salt is eliminated completely, on Friday I'll be down to 1L and carbs and on Saturday I'll be  avoiding all water and eating only dry carbs.

As tough as it was today, I am still holding strong and am still excited. Looking forward though to getting a couple of good cheat days after the show is I am also anxious to see how my body reacts and changes this week with this water, salt process and how much my muscles come out.

It's all such a learning and interesting experience.

Anyway, I need more rest for Andrew's workout tomorrow which will be a tough one for sure so goodnight all.

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