Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maintenance and Path Forward

Oh 4:45am mornings, how I hate you. I am feeling so very tired today! Maybe I needed more time to recharge, rest and relax post competition.

We (Andrew and I) have come up with a plan now for body maintenance and training post competition which thankfully involves me eating more than eggs and chicken. Some of you might be thinking, why is she going into something so structured so soon? Well the answer to that is simple, I like structure and I like having a plan to keep me on track and reaching my goals.

I am fully aware that based on the increase in calories and carbs, my body will almost inevitably change somewhat but as long as I maintain my training and a structured, clean diet plan, it shouldn’t be as tough a preparation for my next show.

Andrew and I discussed my goals and the areas we need to work and focus on and it the same as I had received from the other judges. I need to lean out more, increase my leg and abs muscle definition and work on my back pose.

So what is the path forward?
Training: 5 days a week
1)      Legs
2)      Back
3)      Shoulders/Chest
4)      Triceps and Biceps
5)      Full Body

The plan is to be at the 8-12 rep range but with heavy weight, increasing all the time to build the muscle. Abs will be trained as well every second day.

Diet: Obviously clean eating
Calories will be at 1595
Protein 1.25 x my current body weight (125lbs) = 156g
Carbs 90g
Fat 63g

Protein is so high because we want to ensure, with the lifting heavy, that I am getting enough to build and repair those muscles. This plan should still lean me out and also increase my muscle mass.

Last night, Andrew and I worked my back and worked it heavy. I can feel that stiffness there today. His goal was to make me really feel my lats so that I know what to flex when I am doing my back pose. I also ran a mile on the treadmill and beat my personal best. I got 1 mile in 7 min, 40 sec. The Goal is to keep beating it.

I have a lot going on this shift. 2 Christmas parties, going out for supper with my lovely lady friends, Kevin and I are going to the Santa Claus Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony on Saturday as well plus out to supper for my birthday celebration. I need to try not to go overboard with food but a little indulgence will be okay.

I had some extra vacation so I am still off 1 day a weekend from now until Christmas and after this shift; there is only one shift left and then Christmas break. I can’t believe the holidays are here already. Exciting!

So tonight, I will be heading to the gym to train arms. Loving the training!!

Until next time

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