Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Is there any greater reward then the feeling you get after having accomplished something that you have put your mind, focus and energy into for so long?

This past competition (my first) was such an amazing experience. It taught me so much about myself and about what I can do when I put my mind to it.

I was thinking last night about how happy, how proud and how appreciative I am, to have walked into World Gym, Fort McMurray a little over a year ago with the intent of getting my body competition ready and having reached that goal.

I walked in there that first night, nervous; not knowing what to expect from Andrew, how the meeting would go, or if I would survive his work out…lol, but I knew it was time for a change and time to finally figure out how to make one of my dreams a reality.

At that time I was 156lbs and between a size 6-8 and now I am 125lbs and a size 0. Wow! I lift heavy, heavier than I ever thought I could; I mean my personal best squat is 205lbs, my deadlift 225lbs and so on. I can do probably 7-8 good chin-ups in a row. It all seems incredible to me how far I have come.

I have met some new, fantastic, like-minded people along the way; I have gained confidence, knowledge and a true passion for the healthy, clean, natural lifestyle.

And I think that I have also become a happier version of myself. How does that quote go; “you have to make yourself happy first; before you can make others happy”! Not that I was miserable before, but now I feel much more positive.

I am currently the happiest, fittest, healthiest version of myself. I have so much energy, and I only want to get better. So how will I do that? By continuously setting new goals and kicking them in the face; new competitions, beating personal bests, trying new things, completing my personal training certification, taking part in photo shoots, etc.

It is something I am so passionate about. When people ask me about my journey; they always say, I couldn’t do it; I don’t have the willpower for that. Funny thing is you have the willpower and drive inside you; you just have to want it bad enough. For me, it is something I want and definitely something I enjoy!

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested." — E. M. Forster.

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