Friday, November 23, 2012

Inspirational stories

Since I started posting progress pictures and updates about my fitness journey on both my Facebook page and this blog, I have received a lot of messages telling me how inspirational and motivating I am. This always pleases me because I am eager to help and motivate anyone to become fit and healthy.

However, through these messages, I too have been inspired.

Here are some examples:

A friend of mine, who I have known for years, recently had a baby and naturally put on some weight. I got a message just last week that she is now down a total of 61lbs and still at it, going to the gym regularly, eating well and feeling great. Now that's inspiration!

My sister is another example, this year she starting running. She had convinced herself for so long that she couldn't but now she runs almost daily and loves it. She is more into fitness and feels better for it!

My husband is another great example, Kevin wasn't an overly active person until he met me and even then there were times where I felt like I was dragging him to work out instead of it being something he wanted to do for himself. This past year though, he is much more motivated; he started working with my trainer, is learning more and is inspired to keep going. For the first time ever, last night, he went to the gym by himself while I was out. I was impressed!

It's so great to hear from people who have been inspired by my blog or my posts or just my passion for fitness in general and who have become fitter, healthier individuals. These people inspire and motivate me as well; who wouldn't be inspired by some of those stories?

Getting into living healthy, eating clean, working out and training are lifestyle changes; great lifestyle changes. I am still amazed sometimes by the energy I have, by how much weight I can lift, by how happy, fit and healthy I feel.

I am so proud of all the people I mentioned above and I am sure there are more great stories out there.

Anyone want to share theirs?

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