Friday, November 2, 2012

It's cheat day!!

Here it is 3:33am and I can't sleep...grrrrrrr!

I don't normally sleep well when Kevin isn't here and I currently have a lot going through my head. I am going through my to do list, thinking of the big day, picturing my posing, walking and quarter turns. I'm nervous!

I'm already feeling stiff from the workout I did with Andrew. My bum hurts so bad that I can hardly walk and sitting on the toilet is a

I did get some things completed yesterday afternoon, found two short and sport bra outfits for photoshoot days, had another great 1 hour cardio session and bought some things for today's cheat day. (Bananas, berries, nuts, steak, protein bars), I'm sure I will have overstuffed myself by end of day and will feel gross.

I managed to fall back to sleep around 4:30am until 9:30am and I am now up and ready to start the day. I weighed myself and I am down again to between 122 and 123lbs. Of course I am, just before I get up to stuff my face for cheat day and gain some back. But none the less, it is nice to see the numbers start moving again. I'm a little weary about this cheat day but I guess my body needs it and I have definitely worked for it.

For breakfast I ate:
1 banana on 1 whole wheat weight watchers toast with peanut butter
Handful of nuts
Chocolate Protein shake
Regular tea

And already I feel gross, this will be an interesting day.

Today's plan is to get that high intensity full body workout in plus some moderate cardio. I am getting my hair cut and highlighted at 1pm and I have some laundry and cleaning to do around the house.

Snack time:
Newfoundland cream crackers with cheez whiz or jam.....OMG!!

So I went out for my hair appointment and the gym; and it's only now that I am getting home, at 7pm. Got my hair did! Copper highlights this time for winter and I like it.

Popped into Sobeys after my hair appointment for another snack and had:
An orange
7 salt and pepper wings

Off I went to the gym for a torturous workout, I thought I was going to die.
1 mile run
100 chin-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run
Plus I added an extra mile walking at max incline

Andrew is disappointed in my cheat and thinks I should eat a lot more so I have until 10pm to eat as much as I can. I think I was resigned in my cheat day approach because I was paranoid about gaining, however I have been told that it will have no negative impacts. Other than, right at this
moment, I feel like I am going to throw up.

Since my workout, I have eaten:
Small Wedge fries from Safeway
Raisin tea biscuit from Tim Horton's and a large coffee
2 Halloween treat size coffee crisp bars, 1 aero, 1 Reese peanut butter cup (OMG!!....thought I died and went to heaven when my taste buds got a hold of that)

I also have just cooked a steak, sauteed mushrooms and a salad which I took 2 bites out of and can't eat. I feel like I am ready to puke! I need to take a

Took a break, had a bath to soothe my achy muscles and ate more of my supper but there was no way I could finish that steak, and I had popcorn with some more chocolate while I watched the movie "Magic Mike".

So here I am lying in bed at 11:30pm and as predicted I feel completely gross. Funny, that as excited as you get about being able to eat what you want for a day, it's not as much fun or as enjoyable as you think it will be. I had a few great moments today, like my first bite of my morning breakfast toast and my first bite of Reese peanut butter cup and yes I enjoyed it and am grateful for the variety but at the end of the day it's just too much.

Tomorrow however, will be my fast day, no food just water and green tea until Sunday morning. As full as I feel now, I am looking forward to not On Sunday, I'll be back to eggs, chicken, green veggies and almond butter.

So everyone, that's my cheat day in a nutshell and I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day on the
road of this journey. It'll be 2 weeks out; I have posing class with Andrew at 10am, another super workout in store and a bunch of other things to do.

Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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