Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Suit has Arrived

Finally! The suit has arrived and its freakin' awesome, I love it. It fits just right, the color is great and it has bling. I am stoked about it!

It was there when I got home from work yesterday and I was extremely relieved to see it but then I was like oh no now I have to try it on and what if it doesn't fit. So I took a deep breath, tried it on and it was perfect. Thank goodness! Then I didn't want to take it

So here it is:

Honestly I feel a little exposed wearing It's a lot more revealing than a normal bikini. It isn't a thong (thank God that isn't allowed), it has a scrunch bum. I guess it will take a bit to get used to flaunting around in it. So needless to say last night I practiced some more posing and I think I have this part of the stage performance figured out. It still requires much more practice but it felt good to do it with everything in place and my husband took some video as well.

I was in the zone last night at the gym. For the first time, in quite awhile my husband and I went together (he has been working 12 hour days so it hasn't been easy to get to the gym together), it was nice to do that last night. We worked legs and shoulders plus 45 minutes of cardio (stepper and treadmill).

Today, I am feeling good. Back to my 4:15am wake up call and this morning I had to drag myself out but I completed a good tabata workout. 20 sec work/10 sec rest x 3 sets
#1 push ups, 1-leg hip thrusts and static wall sit
#2 push ups, bodyweight squats and hanging leg raises
#3 alternate leg lunges, fast touch toe, swiss ball plank

Tonight's plan is to complete another full body workout plus cardio.

There isn't much other news, I don't think. Things are really starting to come together and it feels great. I am looking forward to finishing up work so that I can rest, relax, concentrate on workouts and enjoy the experience. Another day and a half and I am done.

Still nervous, still powering through, still excited, still a bunch of emotions but I am truly loving the experience and how far I have come.

I got a list of questions from the Keane Team (the organizers of the show), the answers will be what the MC is saying as I am doing my posing on stage.

Oh and before I forget, back down to 124lbs this morning. Yippee!!! Not that the scale really matters much at this point.

Anyway, another shout out to all my supporters, to everyone who has sent words of encouragement, etc.--thank you!

Until next time.


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