Saturday, November 10, 2012

1 week out!

1 week to go! I am really excited for this week. I'm not working so no 4:15am mornings and I want to take everything in and really enjoy the week leading up to the competition.

Yesterday, I was feeling really tired and so after leaving work and my dentist appointment, I literally came home and went straight to bed for 3 hours. Kevin and I were then going to go to the gym but honestly neither of us really felt like we could push through a real tough workout so I came up with a routine we could do at home instead.

8 sets of 10 goblet squats, 10 push ups, 20 jump lunges, 20 calf raises/ leg and 20 reverse crunches
So much for the work out not being too intense.

I was in bed again by 9pm and slept like a baby until I got up this morning at 8.

Andrew sent out the instructions, diet wise, for this week. So I'll be water and salt loading until Wednesday and then dehydrating from Thursday to Saturday as well as carb loading for those last 3 days. No workouts after Wednesday but 3 high intensity total body workouts for 3 days prior.

Posing class with Andrew at 11am went well. I am feeling more confident in my poses so with more practicing, I should be good to go. I hope.

Training today was a total body workout that included 4 sets of 10
40lb kettle bell swing
Front squats on bosu ball with 25lb dumb bells in each hand
Straddle jumps on bench
60lb push press
Plus 50 assisted chin-ups and cardio, I intend to complete another cardio walk/ run outside before it gets dark as well.

To be honest right now I am feeling tired again but I am hanging in there. I am super excited about this weeks photo shoots and spa day.

I received my bikini bite, muscle sheen and dream tan products in the mail so I think I now have everything and I am beyond excited.

I have been feeling very hungry these last couple of days, so I need to focus on keeping busy so I don't have to think about food. My husband and I are going out tonight for a date night and I am looking forward to that and it should help keep my mind off food.

I think that's all the latest news and excitement. Tomorrow will be a normal day with training and cardio but upping the water intake to 8L or more and the salt intake as well.

I'll be sharing how that feels in posts this coming week.

Until next time.

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