Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Day of Work before Competition Day

Last day of work before the competition; I am taking this final week off.

I am tired today and not feeling 100%, PMS I figure.

Last night, I had an awesome work out with Andrew. We did a total body routine that included:

10 Dumb bell deadlifts (50lb dumb bells each hand) superset with 10 burpees x 5 sets
10 chin ups x 4 sets
Bike intervals for 11 minutes (2 minutes off and as fast as possible for 20 seconds changing levels)
Abs- 10 small super slow crunches superset with 10 bigger super slow crunches x 5 sets

After which I completed, treadmill intervals for 25 minutes and stepper intervals for 20 minutes.

Yesterday, I found myself really hungry most of the day, again PMS I figure but of course I stuck to my diet and stayed strong but I had the worst cravings. Ranging from lemon chicken, Mary Brown’s taters and a big Mary to Purity cream crackers…uggg!

Well I am almost there, this last week is an exciting week and I am looking forward to it. I really want to focus on enjoying and taking it in for all that it is. There is so much going on in my schedule as well as more diet and work out changes.

Here is how the remainder of my week and next week looks so far:
Saturday: Posing class at 11am with Andrew, normal workouts
Sunday: Normal workouts but doubling water intake (8L/day Sunday to Wednesday)
Monday: My birthday (no cake for Lissa so I am not really celebrating until after the competition), 6pm training with Andrew (total body workout)
Tuesday: Noon training with Andrew (total body workout), 3pm waxing appointment
Wednesday: 8am photo shoot with Andrew, total body workout (last workout before the competition)
Thursday: Dehydrate (1L/day of water or less until Saturday), 1pm eyebrow wax, 3pm spa for manicure and pedicure (with my friend Milly)
Friday: 7am spray tan, 9:30am wardrobe and makeup for photo shoot at 11am, 7pm athlete meeting at Keyano
Saturday: The BIG day!! 7am spray tan touchups and glimmer cream, 8:30am hair, 8:45am makeup, 11am morning show, 5:10pm makeup/hair, 6pm evening show

As for after the show and after this whole thing is over, honestly I am not sure how I feel about it all coming to an end. On one hand, I am looking forward to going back to normal but on the other hand; I am not so sure what I am going to do with myself once this is all done. I mean so much of my time and energy has been focused on this that it’s going to be an adjustment to get back to having spare time on my hands. I have already thought about other shows that I may want to aim for so I’ll be deciding on that once I see how this one goes and I will definitely be concentrating on getting my personal training certification as well.

Post competition food is being discussed constantly these days among all of us competitors. I still want to go to the Keg after the show for my first meal (that bread and mushroom caps…nom, nom), you know about the Reese peanut butter cups, I want to go out for breakfast the next morning and we are all getting together for a potluck as well the day after (the potluck will be any and all food that we have been craving for the last 12 weeks). I also want to go out one night with my husband to celebrate my birthday.

On Monday though, I want to get slowly start to get back to normal healthy eating and normal work outs. Andrew suggested that the first day back to the gym be a slow, easy day and just gradually get my body back into it because I’ll be tired, my body will be tired and sore from posing and it deserves a rest period.

I think that’s about all my news since yesterday but there is one other thing that I want to share will everyone. This is a picture of my niece from Halloween; she is my pride and joy and I just love this picture. Look at those cheeks!

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