Saturday, November 3, 2012

2 weeks out!

I can't believe that two weeks from today, I will be walking on stage to strut my stuff at my first ever fitness competition. It's a really big accomplishment and a huge deal for me!

After the cheat day yesterday, I felt gross this morning and of course I am heavier. Not to worry though, the extra five pounds will likely be gone again in a couple of days and this may even shock my body into leaning out more. 

Today is fast day and to be honest, as silly as it may sound to those who have never been through this process, fast day feels 100% better than cheat day. I mean don't get me wrong those first couple of bites of cheat food are incredible, but when you go too far; it's just!

This morning, Andrew held a posing class for us and it went well. I have lots of practicing to do but I got some good pointers. My quarter turn back pose needs the most work as well as my transitionn from one pose to another during my T-walks.

I went from posing class into my morning workout and today I did:
4 sets of 10 x push press (60lbs), split squat (45lbs overhead), lat pull down (90lbs)and straight leg deadlift (90lbs) as well as 100 walking lunges (25lbs each hand) and 100 tricep dips (80 unassisted, 20 assisted) plus 30 mins of elliptical intervals.

So I have been told that from here on in the process gets more interesting and exciting. It's from here that most of the major changes take place. At about one week out, we will be upping the water intake to double what it is now (so 8L/day) and therefore, apparently I'll be spending the majority of my day in the, good thing I took that week off. Then, half way through the week we will start dehydrating until on Friday and Saturday we are down to only a few sips.

For the remainder of today, I have a few errands to run, Ill be going tanning and then heading back to the gym for another cardio session. 

Being that today is fast day, I find it best to keep active and busy because as soon as you slow down, even if you aren't hungry, you want food.

Back to eggs, almond butter, chicken and green veggies tomorrow for the next two weeks. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by, looking forward to the next two weeks and even more forward to really strutting my stuff on stage. I worked very, very hard for this!

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