Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lifting Heavier and Running Faster

Last night was another night of personal bests. It was welcoming, encouraging and made me feel much better, after having not been feeling the best yesterday.

I am having issues of feeling really bloated and blah; although from what I have been reading this is normal post competition. It is really just your bodies’ reaction to the introduction of regular foods back into your diet and eating them more consistently.

So back to the personal bests, I trained my back last night (one of my favorite things to train) and I pushed myself to lift heavier.

My routine was as follows:
*5 sets of unassisted chin-ups (going to failure on each set); I managed 20 total
*3 sets of wide grip pull down superset with straight arm pull down; I managed 120lbs on the wide grip and 80lbs on the straight arm
*3 sets of dumb bell bent over rows; I managed 50lbs each arm
*3 sets of bent over barbell overs; I managed 90lbs

Next I completed my mile run and again beat my best time by 7 seconds; hey, it’s still improvement. My time last night was 7 minutes, 2 seconds. I got my speed on the treadmill up to 10mph; in order to beat this time, I need to start increasing my speed faster. Goal is still to get to Andrew’s record of a 6 minute mile. I am trying to give him a run for his money…lol.

Today is my last day of shift! After today, I am off for 5 days and we are heading out of town. I plan to finish up some Christmas shopping and shop for clothes for myself as well. I need pants and jeans very badly.

Tonight will be a rest night because we have another Christmas get together, I will be staying completely clean for this one however as there is no supper; so I’ll eat before I go and just drink water while there. It’s nice to get out, socialize and I love to dress up as well.

No new changes or news on the diet front. Still staying clean and feeling fit; I am taking my time introducing things back into my diet. Right now I am having a great time with my morning oatmeal, love having my protein shakes back, some pb, my Greek yogurt with berries and a steak here and there.

I am having my first training session in a week with Andrew tomorrow and we are going to work legs. I slowed down a bit on appointments with Andrew since the show, mainly for budget reasons, with it being so close to Christmas. In the New Year, we will get back to our normal routine and at least a couple of appointments a week.
I got back some of my stage shots from Photographer Tim Rollans; I’ll share some of them with you below.

Have a great day!
Until next time!


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