Sunday, November 11, 2012

Water and salt Increase

6 days is all that remain, it almost feels surreal to be just about there, to be in the last week; after going through so much to get here.

But here I am and I made it through everything to this point. Today things switch again to increase water and salt intake. I just finished breakfast, which I have to say, is so not what I was craving. I wanted a big full but hey this time next weekend and I'll be savouring that taste. I am currently working on my first 2L of water with salt added but the objective is to get at least 8L.

Needless to say, I'll be in the bathroom all day for pee

So I am having cravings and more often than not these days I feel hungry and tired. Last night Kevin and I were going to go out but honestly I didn't feel into it nor did I have the energy. So we hung out at home instead and watched a movie, which was nice.

I managed my last cardio outside yesterday afternoon but it was colder than I thought so I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I thought I would but none the less I got it done.

I am feeling leaner these last few days and I no longer have the anxiety about my body being ready for the show. I do wish my abs and legs were more prominent but that doesn't always happen and it can be something to put more focus on next time. It is tight there at least and there is some definition. Plus, There are still more noticeable body changes to come this week with the water, salt increase then decrease so we'll see what those changes bring. I am still sitting at 124lbs scale wise.

Today the plan consists of drinking water (lots and lots of water), cleaning house, some cooking and the gym. Training will probably be another full body workout plus cardio and tonight, I'll be practicing posing and t-walks.

Tomorrow is my birthday but for the most part it'll be just another day. No treats or extra eats until after Saturday and I still have training and cardio at the gym as usual, actually I am in with Andrew at 6pm.

Overall, I am happy. Happy that I pushed myself to do this, happy that I'm just about there, happy for all the support I have received and happy that I feel and look healthy and fit!

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