Monday, November 12, 2012

5 days and counting

Yes I know it's my birthday but that doesn't mean anything changed for me today. My diet and my training all stayed the same, no sense ruining anything now with only 5 days until the competition.

So I am another day older and I would normally celebrate by going out with my hubby for a nice supper, glass of wine and cake to blow out the candles. However, this year that won't happen, at least not today on my birthday, but it will happen after Saturday.

My sister asked if I was going to put a candle in my chicken breast to blow out and make a

I have received some great messages and phone calls today from family and friends. Thank you all!
My parents gave me my Skechers 'go run' runners and a Tim Horton's card-- the note says "go have a coffee and treat on us after the show and savour it"! my mom and dad

My sister, her husband and my niece gave me a book and a key chain with a pic of me and my neice, Ava on it and a card that my niece scribbled in.

My hubby worked all day so we haven't seen each other a whole lot yet, but he did give me a nice card, a new pair of boots that I had been eyeing and some

I am feeling better today, energy levels are up, at least more than yesterday. I finished my house cleaning, went to the gym for cardio, completed a couple of errands, went tanning, practiced some posing, had my killer appointment with Andrew at 6 and I just now finished my last meal so I will soon be off to bed.

The appointment with Andrew today, was total body with high reps (20) but slightly lighter weight, although not too light and it was killer!

I managed to get in 9L of water today plus my salt intake was kept high. This won't change again until Thursday. Today with all the water and salt, I was feeling pretty bloated but that's normal and this will give my system the flushing it needs for the water changes that will come on Thursday. Peeing all the time is no fun though, I wasn't sure I was going to make it from my house to the and I had to go 3 times during my work out with Andrew.

I had a good birthday; all things considered. I accomplished everything that I had planned and I wasn't feeling as drained and depleted as I had been yesterday.

Tomorrow is Tuesday already, before you know it, I'll be a bag of nerves ready to step out on that stage. Oh God!

From tomorrow on it gets busier for me, I have to try and get cardio in before my appointment with Andrew at noon because I have another appointment at 3pm.

Thanks again for all the birthday messages, phone calls and texts. I am grateful for each and every one of them.

I am super excited to say that I am my fittest self at age 34.

Until next time!

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