Friday, November 16, 2012

Last day before the show

The last and final day before the show....eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!

Excited, nervous, anxious, determined, focused, happy, so many feelings right now all mixed up together causing butterflies in my tummy.

This morning I am up really early at 4:30am and strange how its not half as bad when you know you aren't going to work (lol); funny how that is.

I slept better last night after a nice bath, feels really good to get some sleep because I was feeling tired and my muscles were sore.

Had a fun, relaxing day yesterday. Spent time at the spa with a friend of mine for manicures and pedicures, got my eyebrows done, even did a little shopping.

So today, what's going on? - Spray tan at 7am, 9:30am wardrobe for final photo shoot, 10am makeup and 11am time to rock it for pictures. Almost feel like a real fitness My hubby is off now as well for the weekend so I think he is coming down for the shoot and then I am staying afterwards with a couple of the girls to practice our posing again. The rest of the afternoon will be used to rest and relax before the athletes meeting at 7pm.

This morning I do notice some changes in my body as anticipated. Seems tighter, leaner and I can notice some more veins here and there. All good things of course. Tomorrow should bring even more noticeable changes, so I've been told.

We are down to 1L or less of water today, carbs (banana, rice cakes and sweet potato)-- rice cakes are just freakin' divine with almond butter (nom, nom, nom). 

One other thing and I know I have been saying this a lot but thanks again for the support, encouragement, messages, texts, emails, etc wishing me luck and telling me how well I'm going to do. It means so much. There is always that self doubt no matter how hard you have worked and how much you know you have changed and its appreciated to hear you all believe and support me, so once again Thank You!

Only one more day. 

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